Doha New Towers Coolscan 9000 ED C-Neg Revision V

Doha New Towers Coolscan 9000 ED C-Neg Revision V

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I firmly believe that you can never succeed at an art form like photography unless you can learn to see, sometimes in an instant, the finished artwork as you look at the scene in front of you. This skill, which takes years of practice to hone, is essential and no meaningful work will be produced (except occasionally by accident) without it. This skill of pre-visualising and “seeing” is essential.

The craft of photography is learning how to translate the captured scene into a finished product that matches that previsualisation. This is a suite of skills that encompass camera handling and camera settings (at capture time) as well as various image editing and other intermediate procedures that come between capturing the image and presenting a finished version. This is the suite of skills that garner most of the attention on internet sites because it is easiest to talk about and it is also the subject of most marketing by companies with products to sell to photographers. This suite of technical skills is not essential for the photographer to have, however. In a good partnership, it could even be outsourced since the vision is the essential part. However, it is necessary and if you are a photographer who does their own image processing it can often make a real difference in how close to its potential a good image can come.

I find that I have one or two images that I have never been satisfied with my ability to process into what they should be. Into what I visualised them to be. This is one of them.

This is the fifth time I am presenting a version of this image and I doubt it will be the last. I think it is good to have benchmarks for yourself. We only see how far we have come when we look back.

Space Gerkin Night

Space Gerkin Night

Happy New Year, interwebs!

God only knows what the new year has in store but I believe there are great things afoot. I see the coming year as the year I get truly serious about my craft. More large format work, more passionate portraits, more effort in “seeing” before and after the shutter is pressed. More work actually printed large and hung on walls.

Where are you at? Are all your family photos on Facebook and your iPhoto? Didn’t you love your old paper family photo album? Shouldn’t you have some real memorable portraits done? Do you craft? Do you make or collect things? Photos are memories. Good photos are good memories.

This year I finally got my family nailed down for a family portrait on the Corniche. It was not easy to organise but to me it was important.

Family Portrait Corniche III Revisited

When I first got the Crown Graphic this summer I knew I needed a picture of it.

Crown Graphic In Natural Habitat Coolscan

I have been fortunate enough to attend the Classic Car Club meetings in Doha with my 1971 Trans Am (the pictured car is not mine, it is a 1980 Turbo Trans Am). It is a unique event with unique cars and wonderful people. Again, I knew I needed some decent pictures.

Large Format Turbo Trans Am

I say all of this lest you say to me, “Doctor, heal thy self!”

Give me an email or a phone call. Let’s make some memories!