Wide Sunset

Wide Sunset by Doha Sam
Wide Sunset, a photo by Doha Sam on Flickr.

The moment it clicks.

I was just going through some old photos. Sometimes it is good to look back. As I look back I can see when I first acquired some key pieces of equipment. There is a flush of creative energy as I dive in to what can be done with it. Then, at some point, comes the first photo where I looked at the scene and knew I needed a certain tool.

This is the picture where it clicked for me with the Nikkor 15mm f3.5 AI lens. It was a lens bought for passion, not logic. At the time I thought that daring but now I can see it is really the only way an artist should acquire tools. Almost all cameras and lenses are “good enough”. If some particular exotic optic or system gets you all fired up inside it is probably going to result in some good creativity.

I was in South Africa with my family. I hadn’t really been using this lens much. It is very wide and a bit specialised. This awesome sunset was unfolding before our eyes and I suddenly saw this composition in my mind. I knew I needed the 15mm to get it.

That was the moment it clicked.