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Smash and Grab Photography

You have reached the website of Doha-based photographer Sam Agnew. The playful name for this site is “Smash and Grab Photography”. I try to always have a camera and tripod on me and anyone who has seen me about town can attest to that. In the negative connotation of robbery “smash and grab” suggests an unpremeditated almost instinctive reaction to an opportunity. In photographic terms, I often find that photo opportunities in Qatar are a bit like that. They come without warning and you need to be alert and prepared not to miss them.

What I can do for you

Sam Agnew Photography is a small studio committed to the highest standards of artistic workmanship. Services available are:

  • Professional Portraiture — perfect for self-promotion. show yourself and what you do at your very best!
  • Artistic Portraiture — every person is a unique work of art. whether for personal use or to bring out your best for an acting or modelling portfolio
  • Fine Art Prints — beautify your home or business with fine art works that show the very best of qatar
  • Archival Scanning — the definitive and lasting scan of your precious film memories. the very best equipment with the very best technique
  • Product Photography — you have a great produce. let me show that

For any of the above please contact me at +974 7743600 or drop me an email at samagnew at gmail.com.

I offer several services and am always open to new sorts of requests. However, the main areas I specialise in are:

Doha New Towers Coolscan 9000 ED C-Neg Revision V
Great photos of Qatar – In my time here I have been fortunate enough to capture some of these especially beautiful moments. I sell these as large wall-hanging prints. My standard size is 60 x 40 cm but larger sizes are possible as special order. These are priced from QAR350 to QAR550 depending on the picture.

Family City Close
Great family portraits – I am not a walk-in studio. I am, however, a skilled craftsman with my cameras. My philosophy is not to give you a stack of throw-away pictures but rather one beautiful one that you will treasure. Please see my Rates page for pricing.

Stephanie No Glasses
Passionate Portraits – I am passionate about portraiture. I believe that a good portrait is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. Our shared goal is to capture a moment that shows your beauty. We will work slowly and unhurriedly with digital and film cameras until we reach the expressive shot. This picture will then be developed and scanned by me and delivered as a high resolution digital image and large print that you will want to keep and cherish. Please see my Rates page for pricing.

Featuring Sarah K VIII
Distinctive Business Portraits – These are more affordably priced and focussed less on expressing your inner beauty than on building a professional attractive image for self-promotion. I will show you and what you do in a manner that is both attractive and professional. Furthermore, you can be assured that you will stand out from the crowd with a hand-crafted image. My business portraits are delivered as a digital file and an 8 x 10 inch print. The file size will be suitable for all online use as well as small sized prints. Please see my Rates page for pricing.

Will you . . .
Pleasing Product Photography – Are you making flyers, a menu or a web ad for your business? Do you have a great product that you want to look great? I can make your product look its very best. Give me a call to arrange a consultation.

3 thoughts on “About SmashAndGrabPhoto

  1. Hi Sam, nice site, I would love to have a cup of coffee with you someday but I live in Arizona which is a bit of a jump to your locale 🙂 Thanks for being the first visitor to my brand new blog, still haven’t figured it all out yet. Good shooting! Paul B Moore

  2. I saw a blog entry you wrote about the bel air 6×12 and a link to your images on flicker. There I saw a comparison with an Agfa III. Where did you get that Agfa? Certo6? Seems very fresh.

    Also, about the bel air – I understand it you’re using the plastic lenses? (There are glass lenses too.) I guess the softness in the sides of the images are due to the lenses and not the scanner (film not being flat)? I have a LS-8000 so I know about difficulty regarding film flatness.

    • Alex,

      Yah, my Agfa is from Certo6. I’ve had two cameras from him. The Record III and the Silette. The Record III is a thing of beauty.

      The BelAir is a camera you have to take on its terms. I’ve had some great shots but it just isn’t a “sharp into the corners” kinda camera. Yes, the glass lenses would change that but you could get an entire vintage Agfa for that money and be ahead in so many ways. I love the BelAir for its carefree approach and cinematic perspective. I also love the interchangeable backs.

      Getting film critically flat with the Coolscans is a challenge. Google “Focal Point scanner glass”. Those guys are great. Totally transformed my scanning experience. Pick up some nice AN glass inserts for the stock holders and then wonder how you managed without.


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